Reading and Presentation: 33 Monsters

17 November 2023
06:00 PM

33 Monsters, a novel by Lydia Zinovieva Annibal, 1907 (Petersburg, Russia) presented by Eléonore de Montesquiou (concept and illustrations), Jenny Zinovieff (bibliography, translation and iconography), Varvara Toropkova (illustrations), and Johanna Ruukholm (graphic design)

33 Monsters by Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal (Petersburg, 1907) is a young woman’s intimate diary. It is written to another woman, Vera, her lover. Vera is older than the narrator and forces her to sit for 33 male painters who will paint 33 versions of her beautiful body, the 33 monsters. Vera initiated this search for truth, the exposure of her lover’s beauty to men and to art. Art and life as an artwork will destroy each other; Vera will not survive this offering. The short novel, 33 Monsters was one of the few works of its day to openly discuss lesbianism in Russia. It was first banned but then judged as not obscene, it was published in 1907. 

The reading will be bilingual - in both English and Russian.

Like all our events, it is free to attend.