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Alice Notley

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fivehundred places

Alice Notley is one of the most influential living poets and the author of 40 books of poetry.  This poem At The Foot At The Belt Of The Raincoat was written in 1979, but has not been published until now.  Eileen Myles writes about At The Foot At The Belt Of The Raincoat. "Alice writes the most romantic poem of all time, everyone thinks it's about them and bodies floating through walls and everything that you dreamed actually did happen in a painting or a whispered dark, articles of clothing transmit, people are born and die passionately , nothing forgets, everything is lost, in a corner, in a crowded room, whispering, dropping this note, it is so leafy and tragic and direct. "

fivehundred places is an independent publication founded in 2012 by Jason Dodge. With a single printing of 500 copies, each book will find itself in one of 500 places. On the cover of each book is a dead scissor by Paul Elliman.

40 pages
Perfect binding
11 x 15 cm.