Into the Night

Theo Turpin

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Atlas Project
Set during one hot summer night in a major metropolis, into the night takes us on a journey through the city exploring its sights and sounds, its moods and tonalities. written as a collection of vignettes, the author, and a group of contributors, build a collective world of love, drama, isolation and memory – a romance of a shared world viewed from multiple angles. The drama unfolds around a central narrative thread, set in the isolation of a penthouse apartment, our protagonist looks out, reconciling their relationship with the world through the objects they have collected. A relationship ultimately undermined by the potentially dangerous reality of possession. The other texts are not linear but rather radial, they span out from the epicentre which is the penthouse, revealing a city made up of many collected moments, each one rich with reference and meaning.

The book is as an exercise in world building, it is the production of a scene in a play, (re)creating a remembered reality, to visualise a memory, with each story an attempt to fill out its detail. It is conceived as an ‘ur text’, a central referent within the authors practice out of which many other varied artistic outcomes arise. The first of these is the solo show a love affair at a distance at Dkuk in London which coincides with the launch of the book.
80 pages
Soft back
Perfect binding
18 x 12 cm