kop (hour of the wolf)

Jelena Luise

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Shot in a circular motion around what used to be the village of Sakulja, but now is a gaping 300m deep surface lignite mine, this photobook combines several interwoven threads of displacement, memory, disposability and remains. Remains in the sense of reliquiae, of fossils, of ruins, the memory of soil and that of intergenerations. Being one of the most significant mines in contemporary Serbia as well as dissoluted Yugoslavia, the mine has been the cause of displacement for the local population through forced evictions. More recently, inhabitants have been bribed to abandon the towns surrounding Sakulja for lump sums, in an attempt to further draw out lignite production. 
In two rounds around the basin and the surrounding partially abandoned villages, the sequence was shot during wolf hour from a car, itself an apparatus doomed to running on finite resources, yet inhabiting many a reverie of movement, freedom and libidinal fancy.

36 pages in 17 diptychs.

Edition of 50 +AP Jelena Luise
36 pages
10.5 x 15 cm.