RABRAB Journal Issue #05

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The new issue of Rab-Rab includes stories about nation traitors, fierce masses, socialist women struggles, love-forms, psychedelic counter-revolutionaries, workers unions, Brecht fiddlers, jazz surrealism, Soviet trains, and anti-fascism.

Among the contributors to the fifth issue are Anna Thew, Yehuda Safran, Peter Gidal, Cana Bilir-Meier, David Black, Marjo Liukkonen, Alejandro Pedregal, Peter Hallward, Minna Henriksson, and Jyrki Siukonen.

It has also two extensive dossiers. One dedicated to Franklin Rosemont is presented by Joe Feinberg and is introducing some unpublished and difficult-to-find texts of Rosemont, and writings of T-Bone Slim and Joe Hill. The other dossier on Robert Linhart is presented by Tevfik Rada and it includes translation of a chapter from Linhart's book on productivism, article against Western bourgeois dissidents, and an interview with him.