Sahten: The SkatePal Cookbook

Tom Bird (ed.)

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'Sah-ten' translates roughly from Arabic to 'two healths'. It's a phrase frequently used in Palestine when food is placed on the table. A bit like bon appetit.

Sahten paints a picture of the current skateboarding scene in Palestine, told in the form of a cookbook. Included recipes have been collected from various figures in Palestine’s skateboarding community, supplemented by a couple of recipes from shop owners, local heroes, past volunteers, and even by Palestine’s own international master chef, Sami Tamimi.

Each dish has been illustrated by Palestinian-Canadian animator Noor Abouseido, and coloured in by young skaters in Palestine and the Palestinian diaspora in Canada.

Alongside the recipes, you’ll find interviews with local and international skaters, a yoga sequence to help ease any skate-related aches and pains, and various other features, all peppered with photography collected over the years.

All proceeds from the book will help support SkatePal's continued work in Palestine.

Contributors: Amr & Mhaned (Al Amad & Sons), Abu Ali Sawalma, Jess & Meg (What The Fattoush), Izzeldin Bukhari (Sacred Cuisine), Moath & Nada Qashoo (Mini Hiba), Abood Barhan, Sami Tamimi, Aram & Sorida Sabbah, Yasmeen & Suha Foqha (Palestinian Youth Club), Tessa Fox, Diana Musa, Josh Sutton, Em Hamadneh, Malak Battatt, and Tayseer Hamadneh

184 pages
Perfect binding
20 x 27 cm.