SPK—Turn Illness into a Weapon

PF/SPK(H) Socialist Patients' Collective

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Illness and Revolution It's a matter of fact that the economic and materialistic "prosperity'' of the working class from nowadays which is only a relative welfare in western industrial nations, resulting from the warfare between one class against the other, a welfare which has nothing to do with a "just" portion of the working class in a "natural" evolution, this matter of fact has been hidden more or less successfully by the agents of capitalism until nowadays. As we know from Marx there exists a historic necessity urging that from the contradictions of capitalism must result socialism. This necessity which constitutes an intrinsic factor in the inner of each person is illness, from which the subject suffers are the internal contradictions which alter consciousness and urge the suffering subject to act. The necessity is the need of each person, suffering in consciousness and sensuality. On the one hand illness is productive power. On the other hand as identity of production and destruction illness is concept (Begriff) of all relations of production (Produktionsverhältnisse). The basic antagonism (Grundwiderspruch) between productive powers (forces of production, Produktivkrafte) and relations of production is to be thought in this manner, that illness is all around the necessity which produces its own complement (Gegen­teil), revolution. The patients are in illness thus the revolutionary class (revolutionäre Klasse) by themselves (an sich; that means – see Hegel, Sartre – : following from the potentiality, but not yet in reality) and they are identically - yet concerning their potentiality, but now consciously (für sich) suffering - the revolutionary class for themselves (für sich). Class warfare (Klassenkampf) repre­sents, what is more, life process (Lebensprozess) itself producing revolution, the only value of use (utility value, Gebrauchswert) of future and eminence.
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