stories within stories

Bouchra Khalili

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Hatje Cantz

Bouchra Khalili works across film, video, installation, photography, printmaking and editorial platforms. Originating from long and extended research, her interdisciplinary practice examines imperial and colonial continuums as epitomized by contemporary forced illegal migrations and the suppressed memory of anti-colonial struggles and international solidarity.

Deeply informed by the legacy of post-independence avant-gardes and vernacular traditions from her native Morocco, Khalili’s methodology develops strategies of storytelling at the intersection of history and micro-narratives. She suggests a meditation on the power of civil poetry as defined by Italian poet and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini and as practiced for centuries in Al-Halqa, Morocco's oldest tradition of public storytelling.

The works in Stories Within Stories bring together singular positions articulating collective voices for rethinking emancipatory forms of citizenship, resistance and solidarity. The various contributions in this book investigate Khalili's original techniques of storytelling inviting us to experiment with new forms of civic imagination.

BOUCHRA KHALILI (*1975, Casablanca) is a Moroccan-French artist and professor who lives in Berlin. Her works deal with film, installation, photography, and printmaking, while also developing narrative strategies.

192 pages
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