Founded in 2020, a.p. is a bookstore oriented around art, located in the Berlin neighborhood of Wedding. .circle. We stock a carefully-edited selection of books that span a diverse array of disciplines, and which are presented in wildly different formats: from handmade, small-edition artists’ books, to recent and classic poetry, theory and literature. Our books bring together our divergent backgrounds, .circle. showcasing what we’re interested in, what we’re thinking about, and who we’re engaging with. 

.circle. Opened in partnership with Callie’s, an experimental art institution and residency program located in the same building complex, a.p. is committed to creating generative links between communities in Wedding, Berlin, and beyond. We regularly organize events that provide a platform for publishers, writers, and artists who represent the vanguard of experimentation with printed matter. .circle. Check out our events page to explore our schedule of readings, talks, workshops, and more. .circle.

The store itself is a cozy place to peruse a book and while away an afternoon. Come by and encounter new ways of thinking; find your new favorite art book publisher. Relax in a seating area framed by floor-to-ceiling windows. With our main store area on the ground floor and a mezzanine above with seating for 40 people, a.p exists as a bookstore, an event space, and, above all, a meeting point where thoughts and ideas are freely exchanged. .circle.