Muzaradi was founded in 2017 by Tbilisi-based designer Ketevan Kherkheulidze. Since then, the brand has gained recognition both in Georgia and internationally for their signature gender-neutral hoods. The brand is named after the muzaradi, Georgian for “warrior helmets,” drawing to mind the type of battle-ready protection worn by ancient Romans, Greeks, and Georgians. By comparison, Muzarardi’s soft cotton, velvet, or vinyl hoods offer a very different sort of shelter. 

At the heart of the brand’s identity, Kherkheulidze instills her cherished homeland's history. Every accessory includes the Kherkheulidze family crest embroidered in vibrant colors, depicting a crescent moon, a flower, and a ship. The crest stands for: history, tradition, freedom, love, hope, respect, energy, color, and future---which have also become the brand’s defining values.