13 Presidents

Marisa J. Futernick


In 2014, Marisa J. Futernick drove nearly 10,000 miles across America, visiting all 13 of the nation’s Presidential libraries along the way. 13 Presidents is the result: an artist’s book that combines photographs from the journey with a suite of short stories. Mixing fact and fiction, each President from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush is a protagonist in this collection of unexpected portraits.

The photographs, shot on analogue film, depict the everyday details of the towns that these men are from, including the homes where they were born, and their final resting places. 13 Presidents weaves together personal narrative with wider cultural observation, forming a vision of America that is both invented and true.

Marisa J. Futernick is an artist and writer based in London. She was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1980 and raised in Hartford, Connecticut; attended Yale University, Goldsmiths College, and the Royal Academy Schools, London.

Futernick has published several books, including How I Taught Umberto Eco to Love the Bomb (RA Editions and California Fever Press, 2015) and The Watergate Complex (Rice + Toye, 2015). She has exhibited widely, at venues including the Whitechapel Gallery, London; Royal Academy of Arts, London; Jerwood Space, London; Arnolfini, Bristol, England; and Yale University.

A photographic installation of this project is being presented at Arnolfini (18 October – 13 November 2016), to coincide with the U.S Presidential Election.

304 pages
Perfect binding
15 x 21 cm.