A publication which is itself a work of art: the art photo book Alltagsfantasie by Joanna Szproch is an ode to sexual autonomy and celebrates female sensuality. In a lengthy creative process that started in 2010 and lasted until 2021, Szproch created more than just a remarkable excerpt from her biography. Alltagsfantasie is a multi-layered self-portrait. PATRYCJA @smilefomedaddy, a young model, takes on the role of the artist's alter ego. Temporal levels condense into an ultra-personal staging of everyday fantasy moments, a collage of past and present, fragments of dreams and memories. 

Alltagsfantasie is an illustrated photo-text performance in which the artist invites us to reconsider notions of identity, gender roles and self-portrayal. It sharpens our view of the individual and societal search for self-empowerment and opens up space for a critical examination of existing power structures and norms.