Future Rural Archive


Future Rural Archive is the fourth Center Pivot publication the Last Chance Press of M12 Studio. Co-publishers: M12 Collective and the Last Chance Press. 

Through interdisciplinary approaches, this series explores and connects the changing realities of rural landscapes and communities around the world.

'Tucked inside the covers of this slim volume is a conversation—a chorus, a round. It takes place between the contributions, across a territory of blacktop, botany, and biography. It is as much a call and response between the writers and you, dear reader, as it is between what lays before us on that open road and what lies behind in the dust. In these pages we find ourselves caught between the ambiguous future of the title and—not the past—the artifacts of memory. This is the indefinite space of the future, the rural, and the archive. Roadside memorials and county museums, harvesters and snow fences are mnemonic devices that rather than point us to some fixed point in time, allow us to drift across an atemporal field.' - Mimi Zeiger, Los Angeles–based critic and curator