I Remember

Joe Brainard

Wakefield Press
Our reprint of this classic was issued in conjunction with the traveling exhibition and catalogue Joe Brainard: A Retrospective. In 1970, Angel Hair Books published the first edition of I Remember—700 copies that quickly sold out. Brainard wrote two subsequent volumes for Angel Hair, More I Remember (1972) and More I Remember More (1973), both of which proved as popular as the original. In 1973, the Museum of Modern Art published Brainard’s I Remember Christmas, a new text for which he also contributed a cover design and four drawings. Excerpts from the Angel Hair editions appeared in InterviewGay SunshineThe World, and The New York Herald. In 1975, Full Court Press issued a revised version, which collected all three of the Angel Hair volumes, the MoMA booklet, and added new material, using the original title I Remember. The most recent edition was published by Viking Penguin in 1994.

The Granary Books edition includes all of the material from the Full Court and Viking Penguin edtions along with a newly written afterword by Ron Padgett. Designed by Amber Phillips, the Granary edition has been available since 2001 with more than 20,000 copies in print. In wrappers, as new.
184 pages.
Perfect binding
11,2 x 17,3 cm.