Metal Necklace (medium)

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VK Lillie is a mother-daughter collaboration between Vanessa & Kira Lillie, growing from Kira’s desire to bring her mother Vanessa’s wisdom and the knowledge of healing to the world.

At the heart of their collaboration is an exploration of the Earth and our innate human connection to its healing power and their modern take on the medicine bags lies at their core. Vanessa started making her first medicine bag in the early ’80s, a result of her passion for beadwork, Native American culture, and a desire to create intentional jewelry. The bags were lovingly crafted for friends and family, continuing to develop in craft and style through Vanessa’s twenties and into her thirties when the tradition was passed on to her daughter, Kira.

After a decade in Milan and Paris working as a fashion photographer and honing her eye in luxury, Kira developed a contemporary iteration of the medicine bags, which she and her mother still produce by hand. The design of the bags has been updated, but the purpose has stayed the same: vintage leather and hand-selected stones worn close to your heart to perpetually evoke a personal energetic intention.

Bridging the worlds of aesthetics and healing, VK Lillie naturally attracts art lovers, aesthetes, and those who share a desire to infuse spiritual intention into their daily lives and practices.