Responses to Untitled (eye with comet) (c.1985)

Paul Thek

Pilot Press

Responses to Untitled (eye with comet) (c.1985) by Paul Thek is the sixth anthology in a series that gathered responses to works of art made during a period of the ongoing AIDS Crisis, from the identification of the virus in 1981 to the introduction of life-saving drugs in 1996.

In this sixth iteration, responses were sought to the painting Untitled (eye with comet) by Paul Thek. The work was found in his storage after his death from AIDS in 1988.

Featuring: E.R. De Siqueira, Ben Estes, João Motta Guedes, Lucy Swan, Jon Rainford, Louis Shankar, Amy Evans Bauer, Hattie Morrison, Sammy Paloma, AN Grace, James Horton, Nick Wood, Sophie Paul, Jae Vail, Elizabeth Zvonar, Lars Meijer, Clay AD, Michel Kessler, Pablo Miguel Martínez, Emma Harris, Dylan McNulty-Holmes, Kitya Mark, Katherine Franco, Ainslie Templeton, Alistair McCartney, John Brooks, Jesse Howarth, jimmy cooper, Felix Pilgrim,, Nicholas Chittenden Morgan, Murphy O’Neir, Rachel Cattle, Isabel Nolan, Susan Finlay, Ted Simonds, Brooke Palmieri, Kate Morgan, Ashleigh A. Allen, Diogo Gama, JP Seabright, Hugo Hagger, Amanda Kraley, Brendan Cook, Matt Bailey, Charlotte Flint, Rodney Schreiner, Lucy Price, Morgan Melhuish, Jordan Weitzman, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Alex Fiorentino, Harald Smart, Marguerite Carson, loll jung, Richard Porter, Nicholas Kalinoski, Hedi El Kholti, Edmund Francis English, Ted Bonin.

196 pages
Perfect binding
15 x 19 cm.