zaroum / notes for soloists / l’usage du mot: Gedichte

Cia Rinne

For me, the texts bundled in zaroum, notes for soloists and l'usage du mot belong to a project called zaroum. They are short, minimalist texts that are mainly written in English, German and French or work with the phonetic similarities and shifts in meaning between the languages. The starting point is often an idea, a word or a quotation that is shaped and then develops a tone, rhythm or even a melody in the performance. Thus, the two sequences notes for soloists and l'usage du mot serve equally well as scores, while in the first volume, zaroum, the emphasis is on visual aspects in addition to content. The texts are based on a distrust of language itself, which is often used as a seemingly infallible instrument, although it is the result of long, complex, but also quite random processes, and thoughts and formulations are often language-specific and could not be expressed in the same way in another language. When composing, I try to reduce to the minimum necessary to visualise a thought or an idea; the texts are the result of this constant reduction. - Cia Rinne We are pleased to be able to make the volumes zaroum and notes for soloists, which were first published in Finland and Sweden and have been out of print for some time, accessible again, supplemented by the new part l'usage du mot, and wish the poet and artist Cia Rinne, who is still far too little known in this country, a vehement response in the German-speaking world at last.
13.2 x 0.7 x 21.2 cm