Anna Mendelssohn Reader

midnight ink

The Anna Mendelssohn Reader is dedicated to the work of British poet and artist Anna Mendelssohn (1948 - 2009) and the result of a collective engagement with her “anti-confessional life writing.”

After serving a five year prison sentence for her association with the anarchist Angry Brigade in the early 1970s, Mendelssohn subsequently withdrew from political groups and devoted herself entirely to art and writing. Like her life, Mendelssohn’s poems are shaped by modes of refusal. Her texts often hover on the edges of communicability, yet testify to a consistent belief in the transformative power of aesthetic form. Mendelssohn composed over 700 notebooks, which are now held in the University of Sussex archives in Brighton.

The Anna Mendelssohn Reader brings together a selection of previously published poems and secondary literature as well as archival material and newly conceived translations of her poems into German. 

Contributing authors include Sean Bonney, Eleanor Careless, Sara Crangle, Joey Frances, Lisa Jeschke & Lotta Thiessen, Lotte L.S., Vera Lutz & Philipp Staab, Ben Rosenthal & Zacharias Wackwitz, Sarah Sanders Messmann, Jordan Kay Savage, and Vicky Sparrow.

Beatrice Hilke and Vera Lutz (eds.)
220 pages
Perfect binding
29,7 x 21 cm