Art in the Age of the Cloud

Carlo Zanni

Vice Versa
In Art in the Age of the Cloud, renowned artist Carlo Zanni takes readers on an eye-opening journey through a meditation on emerging issues in the art world and how these issues might transform it now that files can be works of art. Buying and selling digital art involves complications that demand changes in the system itself. At the core of this reasoning lies the proposal that selling video art and internet projects should follow a model similar to that adopted by the book and music industries. The text begins with a personal experience: In 2001 Zanni saved a number of animated GIFs as video files in order to join a show that was only for videos at MoMA/P.S.1. It then develops into a short historical trip through the landscape framed by the experience of Napster and WikiLeaks, an interpretation of Walter Benjamin, and up to the blockchain to speculate on possible adjustments to the art system. Provocative and engaging, Art in the Age of the Cloud shoots the reader into the cloud and into a near future where all the individual roles and ethics are renegotiated—a world in which we have changed the way we think about buying and selling art.
128 pages
Perfect binding
14 x 21 cm.