Cat's Eye

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Cat's Eye is a visual adventure that involves the viewer to the parallel reality of the world behind the mirror, under the surface of the everyday and the familiar.

We become witnesses of the encounters of the flash strobe light and objects that pop at us from the dark nothingness. This retrofleсtion due to its instantaneous nature is visible only when registered by the camera and made into a photographic image.

The captured objects, sometimes emanating light or sometimes just returning it back to us like a cat's eye, glance at us revealing their existence only for the brief instant of the flash.

The book is a journey through the self-ruling stream of micro-events, visual revelations manifesting the multiplicity of forms, colours and constellations.

The objects of the everyday familiar reality that in normal life bear meaning and function turn into exotic entities and whimsical installations sculpted and reassembled by the artificial light. These found “somethings” often broken, distorted and unrecognisable turn into surfaces and textures triggering our imagination and alluding to the Cosmic. As if objects drawn out into the open space and lost there forever have been transformed by the laws of the Universe, and sooner or later will turn into stardust.

Our gaze is caught into the net of riddles and codes, dispersed here and there by anonymous actors, that are not possible to decipher any more.

Cat's Eye is a dreamy tale with appearances, disappearances and special magic. It is the world with no coordinates, no surface and no bottom, no start and no end, no entrance and no exit. Human beings lose their faces and are forced to take part in this weird carnival.

The book pages mirror one another and merge the images inсiting their double reading, while the photographs themselves often have a twofold and symmetric structure.

*Cat's eye is a retroflecting road-safety device, that returns the light to the same direction it came from.