Documents of Contemporary Art: The Rural

Myvillages (ed.)

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Whitechapel Gallery
What, and where, is ‘the Rural’? From the rocks that break a farmer’s plough on a field in Japan, to digital infrastructures which organise geographically dispersed interests and ambitions, vast parts of our lives are still connected and dependent on resources and  production located within rural geographies, with the rural remaining a shared and common cultural space. This anthology offers an urgent and diverse cross-section of rural art, thinking and practice, and considers how artists respond to the socio-economic divides between the rural and the urban, from re-imagined farming practices and food systems to architecture, community projects and transnational local networks. Edited by three artists who have been working within rural situations and communities for the last twenty years, this anthology is formed as a document, tool and navigation device for future artistic practice.
240 pages
Perfect binding
15 x 21 cm.