Endgültige Fassung der Beschlussvorlage

Daniel Poller

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Edizione Multicolore
The publication presents a series of photographs taken by artist Daniel Poller during the demolition of the Institute for Teacher Training at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam in 2018 on the city’s Old Market Square.
The reinterpretation of architecture in urban space and a resulting rewriting of history is a central theme in his work. Compaction, inversion, and recurrence are predominant methods of his critical investigations. In approaching his subjects, Poller is also repeatedly faced with boredom. This was the case, for instance, on one of the many occasions he spent time waiting near the rubble field of the university, when he had to wait for the construction workers to finish their lunch break before he was able to document the ongoing demolition. In the meantime he discovered a small bird repeatedly flying through the same parts of the ruin. Apparently in search of its nest, the black redstart fluttered about, disoriented, until the excavators continued their work.
40 pages
Staple binding
36 x 26 cm