grapefruits Issue #02 on Performance

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featuring: AMET, Laurie Anderson, Junko, Annea Lockwood, Julia Mihály, Phew
AMET turns field recordings into live podcasts for her performances. 
Laurie Anderson's often narrative work has received a spatial dimension through telepresence, virtual reality as well as disembodiment. 
Junko, coming from the Japanese noise scene, performs loudness only with her voice. The early performative work by Annea Lockwood included unusual sound-makers like glass and stones as well as field recordings from environmental sounds such as water and fire. In her recent work she tries to make audible what cannot be heard by the naked ear. 
Julia Mihály plays with identity while using her body as a surface for projections as well as a trigger for transforming sound in real-time.
Deriving from the Japanese punk-scene, Phew's performances concentrate on her voice and physicality, treating machines as extensions of the body.
Staple bound