Jakob Kudsk Steensen: Berl-Berl

Emma Enderby (ed.)

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Koenig Books
The fully illustrated catalogue marks the first major publication for Kudsk Steensen and brings together his multidimensional practice.

The book includes a foreword by the leadership of LAS, an expansive text by the exhibition’s curator Emma Enderby, an interview between the artist and Professor Johannes Vogel, the General Director at the Museum für Naturkunde, as well as scholarly contributions by academic Alenda Y. Chang on her research on video game environments, Dane Sutherland on the history of the swamp from the 18th century to today, curator Barbara London on the practice of Kudsk Steensen, and Kim Mortega, a scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde, details the various species that enter Berl-Berl. The book also contains poetic responses to the world of Berl-Berl, including poems by Precious Okoyomon and Johannes Heldén, as well as a visual essay by the artist that pulls together the source materials for Berl-Berl.
184 pages
Perfect binding
16 x 24 cm.