Law Shifters

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Broken Dimanche Press
The Law Shifters book engages young citizens in law and democracy by giving them the chance to act as both judges and lawmakers. What would your verdict be to real court cases, and how would you rewrite the laws in your country so that they would be more fair? The Law Shifters project and book makes young people discuss their political opinions, ethical views and sense of justice as they re-judge real court cases and write new law proposals that reflect the reality that they are part of today. With the current discussions on direct democracy, legal (un)realisable proposals from citizens could play an important role on the political stage.The book contains court cases ready to be roleplayed and rejudged and for the smallest children there are stories with different moral options in ethical problem situations. Law Shifters strengthens young people’s democratic education in a serious yet humorous and creative way and deals with existing regulations and legislations in Europe.
Stine Marie Jacobsen, Anne Uhrskov
370 pages
Perfect binding
15 x 21 cm.