Marlow im Sand: Die Unveränderlichen

Charlotte Krafft

A world in which kinship is not linked to ancestry, but to emotional closeness. That is the premise. People who come close to each other make themselves related by inheriting characteristics from each other. Each individual is thus a living monument to significant encounters. Here, a woman has disappeared. Rumours circulate here. A bad agent sets out to find her, her name is China Marlow. She is bad because she cannot see off herself, she cannot see off herself because she cannot inherit, she cannot inherit because she thinks she is bad. But she learns that she is not alone in her inability, in her narcissism. Different characters meet China, all suffering from loneliness in their own way and struggling to be close. China's mission takes her through these encounters, through occupied places and blighted landscapes - through barren suburbs, ghettos, ghost and tourist towns, through ruins, abandoned villages, industrial and recreational areas and finally through the sand, through the storm. On the other side of the storm she comes out again, and there, of course, she finds a utopia.
Perfect binding
12.4 x 1.8 x 18.8 cm.