Lynne Tillman

Peninsula Press
From the brilliantly original novelist and critic Lynne Tillman comes Mothercare, an honest and beautifully written account of a sudden, drastically changed relationship to one s mother, and of the time and labour spent navigating the American healthcare system. When a mother s unusual health condition, normal pressure hydrocephalus, renders her entirely dependent on you, your sisters, caregivers, and companions, the unthinkable becomes daily life. In Mothercare, Tillman describes doing what seems impossible: handling her mother as if she were a child and coping with a longtime ambivalence toward her. In Tillman s celebrated style and as a rich noticer of strange things (Colm Tìib­n), she describes, without flinching, the unexpected, heartbreaking, and anxious eleven years of caring for a sick parent. Mothercare is both a cautionary tale and sympathetic guidance for anyone who suddenly becomes a caregiver. This story may be helpful, informative, consoling, or upsetting, but it never fails to underscore how impossible it is to get the job done completely right.
156 pages
Perfect binding
12,8 x 19,7 cm