Nadira Husain

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Bierke Verlag

Nadira Husain’s comprehensive work is brought together in this monograph for the first time in its breadth and complexity and shows over 100 works from the past six years. Husain works with painting, drawing, objects, sculptural techniques and various printing processes, handling the materials and working methods equally. In doing so, she undermines conventional approaches and procedures with her practice, she also challenges culturally determined or gender-specific thought patterns. The confluence of different spaces of experience, the feeling of being in between, are lived experiences of a global and political society and not a contradiction for her.

The book also contains numerous exhibition and installation views which emphasize the importance of staged rooms and the expansive wall and object installations for her work. There are also texts by Sonia Recasens, Leeza Ahmady and Haytham El-Wardany in the respective original languages Farsi, Arabic and French, but also in English translation.