Patient O

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Random Man

We came up with the idea for this zine back in March, on one of our nightly phone calls from self-isolation within our respective homes. The two main feelings that characterized our experiences of early quarantine—horniness and depression—seemed to coalesce in a vision for a collection of coronavirus-themed erotica. And as it turned out, many of our friends and comrades were having similar quarantine feelings. The poems, stories, and artworks in Patient O work through all these feelings: desire, frustration, longing, rage, disappointment, and, of course, lust. From sexy BTS fanfic to a raunchy encounter with an insurance company, from explorations of where pleasure meets pain to a black hole full of masturbating astronauts, through sweat and rashes and UTIs and desserts and nude selfies and cabbages that look like genitals—we’re figuring out how to get off alone, together. We’re grateful to Echo Theohar of Feminist Pornographic Collective Consciousness for making this zine happen, and to Random Man for support with printing and distribution. The amazing designs are by Echo (web+print) and Karlynne Ejercito (pdf).

xoxo Hyunjee Nicole Kim and Dana Kopel


Contributions by Jonathon W Cioffi, Cherry's Three Panel Comics, Kamala Puligangla, Colleen Asper, Maryam Gunja, Isa Knafo, Sarah Harron, Kayla Noriko Tange, booooin, Dan Genoves, Maya Ben David, A.O.P., JJ Roundsoft, Lane Goldszer, Heather Holmes, and BK. 

Colleen Asper, Kamala Puligangla, et al.
52 pages
Clip binding
21 x 29.7 cm