Space Parsley

Kat Addis

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The 87 Press

Whiplashed by its hot panache, this book makes me want to write poems again; reaffirms my belief in poetry. These assured lines will never lose their ‘grip on Venus’, they ‘stay sinewy and slow even in the major key’. I want all their ‘tubular crescendos’. These experimental translations will grab you — some will give you goose bumps, some will rub off their lyric pensiveness and cheeky melancholia; some will make your fierce-pipped heart feel fiercer again, in solidarity. I flamboyantly tip my imaginary hat to you, dear ‘Lady Philosophy’, Gardener of Poetic Parsley. ‘Yes, I can really hear you.’

Space Parsley (the87press, 2021) is Kat’s first full-length book of poetry. Previous poems have been published in The Chicago Review, ZARF, Tears in the Fence, Stand Magazine, and PELT vol. 4: Feminist Temporalities, a publication by the Organism for Poetic Research.

88 pages
Perfect binding
13 x 20 cm.