Terrestrial Tales 100 + Takes on Earth

Ruby Press

Terrestrial Tales: 100+ Takes on Earth is a collection of representations of the globe over the last 2000 years – from a sculpture of the 2nd century Farnese Atlas, in which the celestial sphere rests heavily on the Titan’s shoulders, to one of the many “Fridays for Future” demonstrations, in which a huge globe is balanced over the heads of pupils and students.

The collected illustrations, each supplemented with a short description, place miracles next to monstrosities, the everyday next to the exotic and the scientific next to the artistic. In its polyphony, the collection of images not only opens up a discourse on how we see the world, but also how our world is constructed as a compendium of competing narratives that shape and confirm our view of the world, our image of man and our own self-image.

The image collection is complemented by an essay by the authors Marc Angélil and Cary Siress.

Marc Angélil, Cary Siress (eds.)
264 pages.
Perfect binding
17,8 x 10,8 cm