The A-Z of Gravity's End. Your Ultimate Guide to Free Fall and Levitation

Broken Dimanche Press
How did the Tibetan monks levitate heavy boulders? What is barophobia and who was Qamar Ali? How did Ann Hodges' life turn out, the only human on earth hit by a meteorite?

This book is more than simply a guide or glossary, it responds to the colossal themes of levitation and free fall through an artistic lens. It contains scientific, artistic and mystical examples, reflections and fictional stories by different authors on the phenomena and history of gravity, weightlessness, levitation and their antithesis: the art of falling. It is a collage, a summary of the artists own experiments and investigations, that will take the reader on a journey that straddles the fictional and the real. The book contains stories in which for example humans, frogs and objects are capable of floating freely through space, be it through magic, cheap tricks, advanced technology or other, more imaginative methods.
Björn Hegardt, Theo Ågren
176 pages
Stitch binding
14.5 x 20 cm.