Welcome City

Paula Hildebrandt

What are the unwritten rules of a city that new arrivals do not dare to ask about or that they do not even know exist? What does a welcoming city look like? What does it feel like and what makes it tick?summer 2015: Paula Hildebrandt goes in search of a language to describe the reality of a diverse urban society in its everyday madness, its confusing beauty and contradictions. In her explorations, she deals with arriving and staying, with questions of belonging, the limits and ambivalences of German welcome culture. She comes into conflict with bureaucracies and authorities, examines the relationship between hospitality and civic engagement. In the process, she tests artistic research methods as an experimental system: infiltration, escamouflage, micro-actions as the smallest shifts in the certainties of everyday life. It turns out that the Welcome City is not an intellectual place, a political programme, a fiction or a utopia, but a city that can only be experienced in the encounter.In texts and images, the book tells of personal experiences in Hamburg between 2015 and 2017. Empirical and speculation, fact and fiction are mixed. The book is interesting for all those who are looking for artistic perspectives and performative arrangements in the welcome city.

Softback with French Flaps